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- Management for implementation of any company:  limited liability corporation, worker owned, civil, etc..
- Management for the establishment of freelance activity.
- Study, application and tracking of government aids.
- Management of any matter of public bodies bureaucracy.
- Update on any tax obligation (census enrollment, income tax, corporations, tax, IAE, AJD, etc.).
- Study and tax planning strategy related to the company.
- Quarterly Statement I.V.A. SME and large corporate and annual summary.
- Declaration quarterly earned income, professional activities of farming activities and awards of SMEs and Large Enterprises and annual summary.
- Income from rental income urban SME’s or Large Enterprises and annual summaries.
- Quarterly Statement on SME Corporation Tax and Enterprise.
- Tax on Companies of SMEs and Large Enterprises.
- Annual Statement of Operations (Mod. 347) .
- Income Tax of Individuals, payment by installments (MOD. 130, MOD. 131).
- Statements of income, patrimony and wealth.
- Internal Revenue Service Inspections of Finance.

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